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Goatwhore Face Cover

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Protect yourself with our gaiter face cover. Multifunctional. Can be used in many applications. Do note that these will not stop the virus 100% but will reduce the risk of transmission. If you have a beard, most masks only cover the nose and mouth area and leave the beard naked to exposure and accessible in getting some freeloader virus droplets. This will help keep the beard in less contact with the virus. Also, after this all settles, these are great for use during the winter, when doing activities/work in dusty environments, outdoor activities, riding a bike in flying bug infested wooded areas, and the list goes on and on. Grab one now!

Orders will ship with in 3-5 days. USPS ship 2-4 day**Covid has turned some areas shipping delay 5-7 days due to Covid**

**Overseas orders**

email: Patrick@pmstarpromotions.com shipping address and items needed for a price. 

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